Music is a family affair: the Ashkenazys

You may or may not have heard of the famous pianist, Vladimir Ashkenazy. I knew of him because my father had a recording of him (and yes, it was vinyl!) playing the famous Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2. You can hear Evgeny Kissin playing the first five minutes of it here.

Vladimir Ashkenazy is now the chief conductor and artistic director of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and later this week will be conducting Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto while his son performs as soloist.

Dimitri Ashkenazy began learning piano at the age of six but switched to clarinet as a teenager. He is very much in demand as a performer.  He performs and records with orchestras and chamber quartets, as well as conducting master classes all over the world.

Dimitri’s father is very proud of him and is willing to let a few “goofs” go by.

“I’m a performer myself,” said Vladimir. “You think I play everything without goofing? I hope I don’t goof too frequently, but everybody does it.”

That’s a very reassuring comment from someone who is an extremely talented and and experienced performer. We all “goof”. The key is not to let it detract from the performance or to do it more often than necessary. So keep up the practice!

If you want to read the newspaper article about the concert you can find it here.


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