Amazing Jazz Improvisation – Mark O’Connor

Mark O’Connor is a much sought after string teacher and player. A former student of Stephane Grappelli, Mark shows a dazzling display of improvisational technique at the Cleveland Music Institute. Enjoy!


2 Replies to “Amazing Jazz Improvisation – Mark O’Connor”

  1. He also has a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming and an extremely inflated view of himself. No one can deny his chops as a musician–he has impeccable tone and otherworldly precision– but there are certainly more pleasant, encouraging and less self-centered musicians in the world. And this from someone who has listened to Mark for almost 35 years and crossed paths with many of the musicians who have played with him.

    1. Thank you for your comment. As I live in Australia, I obviously have not met Mark personally. The aim of this blog is more about technique, and encouraging and motivating young players, than entering personality debates. Musicians through the ages have had ‘problem’ personalities which their contemporaries have had to cope with, eg Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann etc. We cannot really expect any different!

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