New Blind Test for Violin Comparison

You may remember my previous post entitled How Good Are Your Ears?  which describes how a research team gathered 17 violinists to do double blind test to determine whether they could tell the age of the instrument (as in older or modern) from six violins.

gangster violin music instrument pictures, backgrounds and images
The same research team is to have a follow-up experiment in September of this year at the 400-seat Auditorium Jean-Pierre Miquel in Vincennes, on the outskirts of Paris, France. Participants will play in a concert type situation with piano and small orchestra, but again will not be able to see the instrument.  As this is to take place in a concert hall, there will be an audience of “expert listeners”, i.e. string players, conductors, violin makers, sound engineers etc, who will also be able to participate by recording their own responses.

Read more here.


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