Practice Sight Reading and Sight Singing Exercises Online

If you are like many students, one of the things you may find difficult is practising your sight reading. Most teachers will include sight reading in regular lessons but if your sight reading is in need of help, one lesson per week is not enough. If you want your sight reading to improve, daily practice is the key.

Enter Sight Reading Factory, the online practical solution! With this website you can practise your sight reading (and sight singing) every day, with unlimited sight reading exercises. The music generated is real music that makes sense, not like some sight reading exercise that you may be used to!

sight reading factory screenshotThe beauty of this site is that you can make all the adjustments you need to suit your practice. You can select the type of instrument, or voice or even an ensemble or concert band. Then you can choose multiple levels of difficulty by selecting different time signatures and key signatures and general level. A lower level with a difficult key signature (eg Level 1, in A# minor) can be selected also, which is quite a valuable option.

Obviously, this site works best with something portable like an iPad or tablet which you can place on your music stand or piano music stand. However, if you are singing only, a computer or laptop will be just as useful. And you can also print out your sight reading exercise(s) if you do not have access to a laptop or tablet.


The cost is quite reasonable, at $29.99 USD per year ($33.50 AUD at the current exchange rate). Teachers can sign up and include discount student accounts in their total cost ($10 USD each, just over $11 AUD). Click here for more information.

Why not check out the demo here and see what you think! 


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