20161201_000143-2Gail is a music teacher living in Devonport, Australia, and has been teaching for over 20 years. She teaches violin, piano and lower cello grades. She has also taught viola. She studied at the Tasmanian Conseratorium of Music, in Hobart, Tasmania with Lyndal Edmiston (violin) , Keith Crellin (violin), Jan Sedivka (violin) and Victoria Burley (piano).

She began her involvement with group playing at the age of 9, when she had just started violin, by joining her school orchestra. She played with them for 8 years. She then went on to play with the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, the Tasmanian Conservatorium Orchestra, the Derwent Symphony Orchestra and more recently with the Tasmania Discovery Orchestra.

She plays in church bands regularly, on both keys and violin – though not at the same time!  She has been involved with local theatre productions with the Devonport Choral Society, playing violin: The King and I (2008), Camelot (2010), The Sound of Music (2013), The Wizard of Oz (2014) and Whistle Down the Wind (2017).

She has also been involved in many chamber music groups, mostly quartets and trios. She currently plays regularly with Trio Al Dente, along with pianist, Dominique and cellist, David. (Check out the Calendar to see if there is gig coming up!)

In 2012 she was a.pointed North West Secretary of the Tasmanian Music Teachers’ Association (TMTA) and is the social media manager of TMTA on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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