Keeping track of your technical progress

Students often bring a number of books to lessons… unless they leave them at home, and that happens too! But what if you have a really creative way of helping your student (and yourself!) keep track of their technical progress?

Andrea, from Teach Piano Today, has come up with a relatively painless way to help you and your piano students do this and is also offering free printables. These suit RCM exams but you could adapt them to suit your exam syllabus requirements fairly easily. There are also some “blanks” for you to fill in yourself. Check out what Andrea has to say here and pick up the free printables here 🙂C major scale


Little Pianists Finger Strengthener

Here is a very simple idea but great for strengthening those little fingers. Using a small plastic cup and a balloon you too can make one of these little finger drums and help your youngest students to strengthen their fingers and have fun doing it!

A New Network Initiative for Tasmanian Music Teachers

The Tasmanian Music Teachers’ Association (TMTA) was established in 1960 to provide support for music teachers, in particular studio music teachers. This aim has broadened somewhat to encompass music educators and students and all matters pertaining to music education.

TMTA recently launched a Facebook page  to provide an online network of continued support for music educators, teachers and students. The page provides a broad range of articles, links and humour and welcomes anyone interested in furthering music education.

Click on the above link or the photo to check it out!