3D Printed Stradivarius Violin

Many useful items can be made via 3D printing but a violin? Check out this video of a 3D printed violin!

The design of this violin is based on an original Stradivarius violin, named “Sunrise”, made in 1677 by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona, Italy. The 3D printed violin was printed in parts with wood filament via a Reprap FDM 3D printer made specifically for this purpose. More than 40 parts were assembled in the traditional violin luthier way, called “Systema Cremonese”. Printing and assembly of this violin took around 9 months to complete.

Music technology teacher and researcher, Harris Matzaridis, created the copy during a research project lasting for over 2 years. Read more…



David Garrett “14”

In this video, David Garratt talks about an album that was recorded when he was merely 14 years old. His playing is incredibly mature, and his teachers already recognised his astounding growing talent. Talent plus lots of practice has resulted in great musician who is at home in virtually any musical genre.