What do Daniel Johns, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Qantas have in common?

Daniel Johns is an Australian vocalist, composer, guitarist, and pianist. He is probably best known as the frontman for the band Silverchair which has won 21 ARIA awards to date. He is also three times winner of APRA‘s songwriter of the year. In collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Qantas, he has arranged, performed and recorded this beautiful piece entitled “Atlas”. The piece will feature as the soundtrack in the new Qantas advertising campaign on Sunday 22nd July. In composing it, Daniel said he wanted to create something that sounded international, because Qantas is representing Australia and he wanted it to sound big – not just a jingle. Do you think he has succeeded?

One other thing for all the violin and viola players:  notice how the bows of the violins and violas are all played in the same direction. It looks so much better than bows going in all directions, doesn’t it!

Andre Rieu At Cmax Devonport!

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching a concert, at Cmax, given by Andre Rieu at the Telstra Dome last November. It was spectacular!  The set was a reconstruction of the Shonbrunn Palace engineered by Andre’s son, Pierre. To transport this amazing set every part is packed into a total of 100 shipping containers – including the entire steel structure, the wall panels, all parts for the two ice rinks and the Viennese ballroom.  Upon arrival at the concert location a team of 200 workers, working round the clock put the entire structure together in 5 DAYS! 

Andre’s wife, Marjorie, is also closely involved, as most of the ideas for the concerts originate with her.  From the interviews with Pierre and Andre on the Red Carpet in Sydney last night it is apparent that they are a close family, working together on something they all believe in.  The results are well-worth it.  If you have never heard or seen Andre Rieu perform you can visit his website to get a taste of what I am talking about or go here to view some of the highlights of the Melbourne concert.  You are sure to be inspired!